Hurricane Season 2016 — NYC Office of Emergency Management

See the latest update from at C&G Partners:

What to Do When A Hurricane Strikes: Know Your Zone 2016

If a hurricane came to NYC, would you know what to do? Know Your Zone, our ongoing project with NYC Emergency Management, helps New Yorkers prepare for a disaster before it strikes. Now in its second year the campaign, focused on community engagement, launches on 1 June 2016 to mark the beginning of Atlantic Hurricane Season.

Summer 2016 — NYC Office of Emergency Management

Icons for NYCOEM's Strategic Plan Manual:

The OEM response plan, by scale of emergency:

2016 — Graduate Program

A sneak peak at some of the exciting print materials for the Rockefeller University.

making some funky patterns for the @rockefelleruniv with @cgpartners

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Spring 2016 — Identity

Throughout the year, I will undertake small freelance projects, often with friends and collaborators in the area. Recently, friends at Public Displays of Affection (PDA) reached out for my help with a new brand and identity project. The following are my logo suggestions for a landscape design fim called Design Wild. Check out what I sent them → Design Wild Identity

Power at Ground Zero: Politics, Money, and the Remaking of Lower Manhattan
Summer 2016 — Data Visualization

Infographics for Lynne Sagalyn's new book, outlining how the new WTC towers will be funded. → View process.

Winter 2015–2016 — Brand + Identity, Web

The very first project I worked on at C&G Partners was the website for TRO–Essex Music Group. I was tasked with assembling the final few pages of the website, and creating an animation for the logo C&G had designed.

Spring 2016 — Brand + Identity

C&G Partners is currently working with the American Schools of Oriental Research (ASOR) to redesign their identity. View PDF → in a separate window

Spring 2016 — Office Culture

Once a month, C&G Partners hosts a "Culture Crunch" — a lunch-and-learn style discussion series that brings the entire office, and sometimes outside guests, together to experience something new. Below is a poster I designed for a Culture Crunch about video games, and a series of logo sketches.

Sneak peek from this week: Hebrew Language Flashcards

Process document: The Pollen Project

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