The salt marsh is a biodiverse ecosystem that is rich with benefits for the surrounding community — that is, if the marsh is thriving and healthy.

A healthy marsh prevents erosion, filters pollutants, and provides food and shelter to a lot of marine life. Perhaps the most vital service provided by the salt marsh is it's ability to act as a buffer against storm surge.

In 2012, Hurricane Sandy barreled through the tri-state area, damaging or destroying many homes and coastal structures. Had the marshes of coastal NY and NJ been stronger, would the surrounding communities have faced fewer damages?

The Salt Marsh Project is a platform for more information on these issues. Here, you can find out what a salt marsh is, where you can find them, why they're so important, why they are disappearing, and how you can protect them. The user can click through and navigate each topic as they please.

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Until recently, I did not know what a salt marsh was. As a Long Island native, I had spent plenty of time among these wetlands, not fully recognizing their existence, and certainly not understanding their importance.

All photos on the site are my own personal photos

After being prompted to discover the services provided by an ecosystem near my home, I learned that the salt marsh is a crucial resource to the surrounding community — and that we are losing them rapidly. How was it that so few of my friends and neighbors knew of their importance?

I summarized my findings into a research paper, but felt this was not enough. I wanted to share what I had learned. (If you are interested, take a look through some of my investigation! I have compiled all you need to know about salt marshes, the effect of climate change, and the resiliency of coastal New York.) Check it out here!PDF

I searched for a better way to communicate what I had found. I studied the salt marshes and their winding tidal creeks, found the perfect mark to represent the marsh, and ultimately reorganized and restructured all of my research into a single narrative on an accessible platform.

Check out my process below:

A letterpress print showing the coastal development along the marshes of southern Long Island.

Early sketches + concept development for the SALT MARSH PROJECT logo

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