TEXTILE & FIBER ART — 4' x 3' — WINTER 2013

After a period of studying and creating more traditional forms of bojagi, (view series here) I decided to design and create a more personal and experimental piece. This fiber study explores the strong linear forms present in nature. My main source of inspiration came from different studies of rocks, containing multiple changes in sediment with varying colors and line width. My goal was to use the Bojagi techniques, and combine them with a painterly approach to applying the materials. The varied fiber-materials used in this piece include the following; tulle, assorted fabrics, yarn, cotton ball, and thread.

My "Bojagi and Beyond" experience has truly been a refreshing and rewarding one. I have learned the importance of really exploring all ways of manipulating and treating a material, and that if you really let the material speak to you, you can transform it in an endless amount of ways. Chunghie, our teacher, always says, "why not?" Try everything, test everything out. Every step of the way is just as important as the final product.